Dr. Rogan has been consulting about Medicare and medical care delivery for a variety of companies beginning 2003, having served over 100 clients, some for a short term need and some over several years. Clients include publicly traded medical device and pharmaceutical companies, solo and physician group practices, start-up companies, diagnostic service providers, medical investment firms, law firms, other advisory firms, formal advisory panels, and law enforcement.

For six years (1997-2003) Dr. Rogan served the Medicare Program as a Carrier Medical Director for part B Medicare for the California jurisdiction (EDS/HP) and for 1 year (2011-2012) for California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) as the Medical Director for its claims processing administrative contractor (Xerox LLC).  For 18 years Dr. Rogan ran a “private” family and urgent care practice open every day serving 10,000 regular patients and thousands of others. For 7 years, Dr. Rogan practiced emergency medicine full time, starting at a County Hospital in the California central valley.


  • Created or revised more than 100 Local Coverage Decisions (LCD)- medical necessity decisions including coverage, coding, reimbursement, and compliance.
  • Co-chaired the California Medicare Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC).
  • Participated with CMS with National Rule making.
  • Consulted to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG HHS), the FBI, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding alleged fraud cases.
  • Testified at Medicare Administrative Law Judge hearings on behalf of Medicare and Providers, before a Federal Grand Jury, and in State Superior Court.
  • Advised law firms on Medicare and Medical quality issues.
  • Published articles about Medicare in the official Medicare Bulletin and business magazines, including articles about correcting coding and billing.
  • Assisted Start-up companies sponsored through the National Institute of Health.
  • Testified before the California State Legislature regarding hospital based medical peer review (2009).
  • Obtained CPT and HCPCS codes for clients.
  • Commented to Rule Making and testified before CMS in Baltimore.
  • Practiced Emergency Medicine and Family and Urgent Care for a total of 24 years full time (1973-1997).
  • PPO Medical Director part-time 1992-1993.
  • Diagnosed and treated most diseases that occur in the U.S. and some from other countries.
  • Operated as an assistant surgeon for more than 1000 patients.
  • Trained paramedics and physicians in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and (unexpectedly) helped start Trauma Centers nationwide.


Bachelors of Literature, Science, and the Art, Major in philosophy, University of Michigan: 1964-1968

University of Michigan Medical School, 1968-1972: Doctor of Medicine

Paramedic and advanced cardiac life support instructor and instructor trainer, 1975-1980

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, 1980, recertified 1993.

Member of the University of Michigan Marching Band, 1964

Graduate of the Interlochen Academy for the Performing Arts, 1964.

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