"Toward Fixing the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)"
Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine
Vol. 16 / No. 6 - Nov / Dec 2010

Peer Review: The Fundamental Background of Quality Management ABQAURP 32nd Annual Health Care Quality & Patient Safety Conference
November 7, 2009


"Synopsis: Lack of fallout from Understanding Redding Medical Center Disaster: We have dèjá vu all over again"

Peer Review and Quality Improvement in an Era of Health Reform "The Redding Medical Center Peer Review Disaster"
The learning objectives are:
- Why peer review is important.
- How it can be thwarted.
- What needs to be done to make it better.

Presentation Summary: The Disaster at the Redding Medical Center, Redding, California, 1997-2002 damaged 769 patients and resulted in a $500 million fine. The hospital was kicked out of the Medicare program and sold. The medical license of one physician was revoked. A second physician did not practice for several years and is on probation. The magnitude of the disaster was because peer review failed. Oversight by the State and Federal authorities and The Joint Commission also failed. Dr. Rogan explains how this happened and what lessons you can take away to protect your hospital and the patients in your community.

The presentation was modified and given again at a Free Teleconference Thursday, February 25, 2010 sponsored by Medical Peer Review Services: Michael Finne at Cheryl Payne, MS, R.N.; Medical Peer Review Services; 401 Jessamine Lane; Schenectady, NY 12303 Ph: 518-357-9426 Fax: 518-357-9000

"14 Reasons Why Health Care Costs So Much"
Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine
Vol. 59 / No. 5 - Sep / Oct 2008

Report on Redding Medical Center Disaster Analysis.
How State and Federal government oversight failed to assure patient safety at Redding Medical Center, Redding, California for 10 years between 1994 and 2004: until physician peer review was provided by the FBI. The analysis includes a list of recommendations to help us avoid similar disasters in the future.
Additional file: 42cfr482.21-quality.pdf

Press Release Summarizing the RMC Disaster Analysis